Concept: Record Questions and Answers

Principles for Successful Economic and Educational Collaboration

  • Concept: Record Thoughts, Considerations, Questions, Methods and Skills to Accomplish it.

When you are developing a project, get out the video camera or webcam and record yourself THINKING about your topic…just talk stream of consciousness…totally stress free…ask yourself questions and answer them…until you have run out of all thoughts…jabber or mumble for a while if you have a hard time getting started.

Let your brain roam free and let your body and arms, hands, fingers and expressions follow freely…then with the camera still running…write down all the ideas that seem useful. Your goal is to come up with an idea for research, coaching or curation of someone or something and the camera helps keep your focus on ideas and not just trying to catch them all on paper before they disappear.

This is not the time for EVALUATION, only IDEAS

Next step…List Building

  • List: Search for others who Share the Goal or Complementary or Supplementary Goals.
  • Content: Acquire Cultural, Political, and Scientific Knowledge and Opinions/Methods
  • Evaluation: Devise Time and Methods for Group and/or Self-Evaluation and Goal Setting
  • Collaboration: Are You a Valuable Member of a Group as well as an Interesting Individual?
  • Product: Physical, or Digital? Research/Coaching/Curation–(21st Century Plastic)

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