ABC or 1-2-3…your choice!

MULTITASKING is the culprit that causes you to freeze onstage and forget everything you studied so hard…This simple exercise is the very best way to take 30 seconds of your time to make major changes in your confidence onstage.

As you do a new video each day, try a new emotion or a different emphasis or try slower or faster or more pauses for reflections…find the right place to focus when you need inspiration but don’t want to look up at the ceiling with a lost look on your face! PRACTICE PROPER PRESENTATION SKILLS. Figure out which gesture looks best and then figure out how to stop the nervous twitches.


Over a week or a month or (as I do) forever…you will notice which gestures you like and which you should reduce or eliminate…and be sure to check out the BLOG for ideas on how to improve the sincerity of your SMILE!

Thank you Thays (a student from last class who really enjoyed this exercise) for showing us how you can concentrate on gestures, tempo, pauses, emphasis, projection, eye contact and enthusiasm in 30 seconds!

Be sure to JOIN the site (when we have it set up very soon…thank you Monica), and you can start your own PORTFOLIO of videos to use for job interviews or college admission videos.