List: Search to Share Ideas and Goals

Principles for Successful Economic and Educational Collaboration

  • List: Search for others who Share the Goal or Complementary or Supplementary Goals.

Now is the key to a successful collaboration. Find and offer to assist others who share your interests OR who complement (add to your Core Goal) OR supplement (add to Similar Topics) your goal.

Join FB groups, or go to Google Hangouts, join a MOOC or a Fanzine or YouTube channel…Tweet or Link or Hang or Post wherever you might find others who can help you, or who need your help.

Learn some skills and techniques you all can use and that brings us to the next Principle for Successful Economic and Educational Collaboration.

Next step…Content:

  • Concept: Record Thoughts, Considerations, Questions, Methods and Skills to Accomplish it.
  • List:
  • Content: Acquire Cultural, Political, and Scientific Knowledge and Opinions/Methods
  • Evaluation: Devise Time and Methods for Group and/or Self-Evaluation and Goal Setting
  • Collaboration: Are You a Valuable Member of a Group as well as an Interesting Individual?
  • Product: Physical, or Digital? Research/Coaching/Curation–(21st Century Plastic)