The single most important tip is to ENGAGE your BRAIN

My son demonstrated to me the other day that INSTRUMENTAL CLASSICAL MUSIC is  helpful to studying and conversation. When I am in a car, I always turned off the radio, because my mind is always full of ideas that I am working on subconsciously (and I am a bit hard of hearing in one ear so the radio made it all but impossible to carry on a conversation, I thought!) However, when my son was here recently, he had the radio tuned to a classical station and I really enjoyed carrying on a conversation while it played in the background.

How does this relate to studying? Well think about it…if that music is helpful for conversation and brain stimulation, doesn’t it make sense that it would help to keep you focused  (the random sounds of pets or children or doors opening would not be so distracting) and awaken your brain to “listening” to the study material just like it awakens the brain to discussions in a car!

It is that ENGAGEMENT that is so critical to learning. This six minute TED talk should inspire many teachers and encourage students to share this video with teachers who might benefit from the PROCESS of learning ENGAGEMENT TECHNIQUES!

Engaged students LEARN!


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